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Beautiful Trees in Port Coquitlam As A Result Of Professional Tree Services

Port Coquitlam is one of my favorite places when it comes to providing tree care services, I enjoy gazing at trees there. Have you ever passed by a house that made you stop because the outside of it was so beautiful? The flowers are all brightly coloured. The lawn is perfectly cut and full. And most importantly of all, there is a towering tree in the yard, its branches hang over the sidewalk, its leaves a deep red, and it just look extremely healthy, perfectly placed and well taken care of.

Trees add more value to the houses of Port Coquitlam. They add beauty to their surroundings. They also soften the lines of harsh buildings. They can also block unpleasant views from windows. Depending on the species of trees they also have the benefit of contributing to the community.

Trees are a distance for the eye. When they are planted around the side of a building that is what your eyes are first drawn to. The vibrancy of trees also contributes to the aesthetic value of them.

One thing you must understand is that a tree will remain strong, healthy and beautiful if you, the tree owner will take proper care of your tree, you have to perform crown thinning which is the removal of select limbs, cross-overs and sucker growth to allow more air/sunlight penetration through the crown and lower the weight and wind resistance of the tree to prevent storm damage. Now you might be asking “who has time for all that work”? And I agree, that’s a lot of work that require skills as well as a considerable time investment. Luckily, you don’t have to do it yourself.

Let us do it for you, call us at: (604)721-7370 or leave your contact details here
and we will make sure a tree service professional will get in touch with you soon.

Trees also act as a way of preservation. If there are any lining streets paved of asphalt then it is unlikely for it to be ripped up due to construction. Trees provide shade for the asphalt which in turn is a good thing because there is a certain chemical in it that reacts poorly to the heat. When cars drive over it the wheels grind it down. This is likely why we have so many potholes filling our streets.
In Port Coquitlam trees are the first things that people look at when searching for a new community to live in. You can get the sense of the communities pride by how well they take care of their urban forests. It is widely known that trees not only bring in additional businesses but they also bring in potential tourists because of their attraction value. Apartments and offices that are up for rent in Port Coquitlam that are near wooden areas tend to be rented at a much higher rate compared to those that are not nestled amongst the trees.

An interesting fact has been brought to attention, and Aesthetic Tree and Services has noticed it too, individuals that are living in the city have been pushing more towards being a part of parks, gardens, and lake shores for their leisure time. It is now a common occurrence to see vegetable gardens popping up that apartment buildings have started due to the lack of their own backyard recourses. Nature generally has a lot of benefits.

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