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Transform Your Garden with Regular Hedge Trimming

Hedges can help define your garden and add privacy, but they require constant care in order to look their best. Overgrown hedges may become safety hazards; but with proper upkeep they can become beautiful boundary plants.

Hedge trimming is an integral component of maintaining a healthy garden. If a hedge is not regularly maintained and trimmed, its shape can quickly change into unruly branches that overwhelm its original purpose. Hedge maintenance and looking their best is also crucial for overall plant health; encouraging new growth while clearing away dead or diseased branches from your hedgerow is one important benefit that comes from regular trimming sessions.

Regular hedge trimming will keep the hedge full and dense, creating an organic feel in your garden. Furthermore, regular trimming prevents it from overgrowing which could result in aesthetic value being lost and require costly plant replacement costs.

Though many opt to cut their hedges themselves, professional teams offer another solution. A professional company will have the knowledge and experience required to shape your hedges properly while making sure they compliment the architectural style or branding of your property.

Knowing when and how to hedge trim is of vital importance. Each type of hedge, bush, or tree requires different pruning techniques at specific points throughout the year for maximum health benefits and pest protection. Pruned hedges and shrubs tend to be healthier, more appealing, resistant to diseases, pests and other issues more quickly.

When performing hedge trimming yourself, having the appropriate tools is paramount to success. These include a hard bristled broom for collecting any trimmings that fall underneath or onto pathways; and a heavy-duty green bin designed to hold all of the clippings for disposal easily.

Hand shears or secateurs provide greater control for more precise results, and there are various types of hedge trimmers with telescopic handles that allow for greater reach.

String guides can also help when it comes to trimming hedges, providing an invaluable reference point when trimming them into an ordered and neat shape. The ideal time and season to create one would be from February until the end of March as this is when most plants have yet to bud out and will allow for some generous cutting without adversely impacting their appearance.

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