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Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Service: Your Reliable Vancouver Tree Service Experts

We are a tree service Vancouver company that dedicates our time and lives to perfecting the art and science of arboriculture for the betterment of the trees and citizens of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Vancouver Tree Removal & Tree Care Services

We offer professional tree removal, tree cutting, tree trimming, and hedge care services in the areas of Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, and the surrounding land regions.

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Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Service: A Certified Vancouver Arborist

With over 20 years of excellence, knowledge, and an outstanding safety record, we are proud to be one of the most trusted Vancouver tree service experts.

Our ISA-certified arborists are highly qualified tree doctors who have expertise in the hazardous removal of large trees, tree trimming, and hedge maintenance in residential and commercial properties.

And believe it or not, we love what we do! Our goal is to provide exceptional assistance available in the current tree removal industry without compromising the safety and satisfaction of our customers. And the fruitful result of this hard work is the continued support not only by our clients but by the whole community of the Greater Vancouver area.

Why hesitate? if you are looking a honest, and professional Vancouver arborist to work with that is backed by raving tree services reviews,  get your free estimate now by calling us at 604-721-7370

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Our 5-star Reviews Prove Our Professional Tree Health & Tree Removal Services

We cannot be where we are today without the support from our happy customers. That’s why we believe you also deserve a professional and affordable tree removal service. Don’t let us blow our own horns, allow our customers’ raving accolades on professional arborist service and tree service speak on our behalf as a fully insured tree service company.

Upakarin DharmachariUpakarin Dharmachari
14:55 08 Jul 24
We used Aesthetic Tree and Hedge Services for some extensive garden work which included dead branch removal trimming of a very overgrown camelia and removal of a very extensive clump of bamboo. Yaniv and his coworker were highly professional and attentive in their communication .. We were completely impressed with the completed job and the very reasonable cost. His service is.highly recommended and we will be using the company in future for any other work . Adrien Ross
davie chowdavie chow
04:49 04 Jul 24
I had some overgrown hedges that needed some work. I gave Yaniv a call and he responded promptly. We arranged a time to meet at my place. After a quick look, Yaniv had some suggestions about what could be done. Yaniv was friendly and very helpful. Everything turned out great! I would recommend Yaniv and his crew to anyone that needs their hedges trimmed and topped.
Barbara SandfordBarbara Sandford
23:50 28 Jun 24
Yaniv and Dan did an excellent job on our trees. Knowledgeable, timely, good clean up. Would highly recommend them.
Steve PangSteve Pang
23:21 10 May 24
Yaniv was great!!!!! Explained to me about the city bylaws for tree cutting. Punctual and quick!!!!!! Job was better than expected. Very happy. Would use him again in the future for sure.
Nashila PremjiNashila Premji
02:23 24 Apr 24
I called Aesthetic Tree Services to prune four overgrown and neglected 30-yr old plum and maple trees. Yaniv was fantastic from start to finish! Friendly, punctual, professional and safety conscious. He took such care and attention with each pruning. He treated my trees as if they were his. They look beautiful; lighter, shapelier and dare I say, happier. So thrilled to have stumbled upon Aesthetic Tree Services!
Jovan StuparJovan Stupar
05:56 27 Feb 24
Yaniv and his crew masterfully removed a tall rotting tree that was located in a very tight spot near the house. They took away all the branches, tree trunk and cleaned up the property before they left. Highly recommended!
05:52 27 Feb 24
If I could give 6 stars out of 5 I would! Yaniv and his crew did an outstanding job on removing a very tall tree from our property that was sick. He also masterfully pruned 3 large, mature and very tall Douglas Fir trees from our property - no easy task. His crew also did a fantastic clean-up job. Yaniv is knowledgeable, honest, talented, and hard-working - would recommend him in a heart-beat.
Simon TongSimon Tong
17:51 30 Jan 24
Extremely professional and service was very thorough. Would use this service again in a heartbeat!
Eddie LiEddie Li
00:57 17 Nov 23
Yaniv and his team showed great care and professionalism to the work. Not only they took care of trimming down a humongous magnolia, but also did a through work at cleaning the leaves and branches in the garden. The attention to details really matters when it comes to tree work, and Yaniv and his team demonstrate real dedication and hardworking. I will work with Yaniv again for any future tree work!
Tina XieTina Xie
00:34 28 Oct 23
Yaniv and his team did great job, clean and professional. We will use them again for sure.
Chris EngChris Eng
22:32 04 Oct 23
Yaniv and his team are wonderful! They communicate on a timely basis, are dependable, courteous, do a great job, and do what they say in their work quote without additional fees. Highly recommended!
Yoni GordisYoni Gordis
18:43 28 Sep 23
Yaniv and Dan have been caring for our trees and hedges for years. They just did a major cutting back of a birch tree - meticulous work. Highly recommend their services.
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Efficient and Professional: Trust Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Services for Expert Tree Removal

At Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Services, we specialise in offering comprehensive tree removal services that are tailored to your specific needs. Whether a tree has succumbed to an infection or has underlying issues, our expert team is equipped to remove the tree to the desired extent in a safe and efficient manner. We accommodate to a variety of preferences, including those of clients who request the removal of branches while leaving the trunk intact for future artistic carvings, thereby creating permanent works of art on their property.

Complete Tree Care Solutions: Serving Vancouver and Nearby Areas with Dedication and Precision

Here at Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Service, we understand the importance of keeping your property safe, healthy, and beautiful. That’s why we always strive to meet your tree care needs and requirements. Our expertise and extensive experience help us give you the best Vancouver tree service you deserve.

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Don’t take it from us, let TV reports and our customers tell you about their raving experience working with Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Services.

Advantages of Choosing Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Services

Here at Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Service, we understand the importance of keeping your property safe, healthy, and beautiful. That’s why we always strive to meet your tree care needs and requirements. Our expertise and extensive experience help us give you the best Vancouver tree service you deserve. Read about how our journey with the Vancouver arborist service scene. 

Complete Tree Care Solution

Our Vancouver tree services offer a comprehensive solution for every residential and commercial tree care and landscape needs.

A Crew of Arborist Vancouver Experts

Our tree removal and tree trimming Vancouver experts are highly trained and licensed. We promise to always exceed your expectations.

Your Safety is our Always Priority

Safety is always on top of our priority. Our tree services adhere to ISA laws and the city's strict tree policy.

Improve your Property Value

Our job is to manage and maintain your yard and garden to maximize safety, tree health, and attractiveness, and thus, its market value.

Proven and trusted outstanding tree services that cover the metropolitan region of British Columbia and nearby areas. This includes Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, West Vancouver, and North Vancouver.

Latest News

We Are ISA Certified Arborist In Vancouver

The Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Service company is composed of fully insured and ISA-certified arborists. We are a multi-awarded Vancouver tree service provider that offers expertise in tree removal, tree trimming, hedge maintenance, and personalized yard landscape customization.

Why Choose Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Services?

As one of the best Vancouver BC tree service providers, Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Service is prepared to be the one stop solution to all of your tree and gardening concerns.

We are a company that believes in transparency and customer convenience. We are the guys that go out of our way to make you happy, and of course, doing so makes us happy too. That is the most important part, period. So if you need tree removal, tree cutting, or hedge trimming in Vancouver, contact us today.

Preventing injuries and loss of life is one of the essential reasons to hire a professional for your tree removal task. Outgrown and old trees are in a position of posing the threat of regular branch falling. These branches can end up causing destruction of your property, severe injuries and even loss of life. However, you can avoid these losses by hiring a professional tree removal company.

Tree removal services are essential practices regarded as ‘undeniably valuable’. This description means that by hiring Aesthetic Tree tree removal service, you will get value to your money that you earned through a hard process. Mostly, these services go at a relatively low price since the process entails getting rid of the trees and cleaning up the area. You’ll always incur a lot of costs while doing it as an individual and then hire a company to do the cleaning. Other than this, carrying out tree removing or tree pruning as an individual can end up destroying your property, and you’ll always incur a lot of cost for its repair. Moreover, hiring professional tree removal services is the best option for reducing the risks of trees destroying the property foundation and the sewage system. Therefore, hiring a BBB accredited Aesthetic Tree Removal & Hedge Services means saving your money for other uses.

Tree removal is vital in improving the curb appeal. Yes, overgrown and overcrowded trees are in a position of enhancing the landscape to your home, but they make your house to look a bit disorganized. However, Aesthetic Tree Removal & Hedge Services will ensure that your home looks more organized and elegant by removing some of the trees. Our team may decide to remove some species of trees and use better-looking ones to improve the overall appearance of the yard.

If you don’t manage your trees, they can end up becoming hazardous since their dandling branches causes threats to lives and surrounding properties. Therefore, it is necessary that these branches get removed together with other property threatening trees. Trees removal help in ensuring home safety and reduction in risks caused to buildings and humans. Dead trees can decay and decompose, which means that they can fall anytime. Falling trees have high chances to damage your home, injure your family or affect the growth of other trees. However, tree cutting will help in preventing these risks.

Tree cutting dictates the healthy growth of other trees within the same environment. For the case of trees with stunted growth, you need an arborist to remove them and hence remain with the high-quality ones. By doing this, the unremoved trees will grow strong resulting in a magnificent landscape. For the best results, you need to entrust your project to Aesthetic Tree Removal & Hedge Services. We are highly-qualified and experienced professionals, responsible for the provision of satisfactory tree removal services.

For the case where trees die or suffer from a particular tree disease, they are high chances for them to transmit it to other trees. The infection can affect the entire yard. Therefore, it is vital to hire us to remove these trees to reduce the spread of these infections to save your whole landscaping.

Trees play an essential role in increasing home value. However, if you allow dead trees or trees to overgrow in the yard, the aesthetic beauty of the house will get compromised. Thus, tree removal is essential in making the yard look beautiful, and increasing the value of your home as a result.

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True to our promise to serve the people and businesses of Vancouver, BC, with all of our best, our professional Vancouver tree removal specialists will always be happy to provide you with a no-obligation quote for all tree-related jobs you have in mind.