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Secrets To Improving Over-Saturated Soil

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Spring is on its way! In other words, it means blooming flowers, fresh grass, and scented air. One of the most welcoming attributes of spring is the rain. While it benefits the plants, it might be less advantageous to the soil in the garden. It makes plants difficult to grow and harvest because rain has […]

How To Prevent Ivy from Threatening Trees?

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When you hear the term ivy, you are constantly reminded of the spacious landscape of the English rural areas. However, there is an unpleasant interpretation of ivy associated with gardening. Even though ivy may look appealing, it is eating the plant from the inside, which will wreak destruction on your quaint garden. The Aesthetic Tree […]

How To Inspect a Tree Like a Pro?

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Welcome spring! The gloomy, cloudy days have come to an end. The new season welcomes new beginnings. Similarly, you must observe the trees in your backyard or front yard to ensure they are ready for the warmer weather. While some damages are more obvious, others can harm the trees immediately. Here is how to perform […]

How Do I Get Rid Of Tree Insects Or Pests?

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Tree insects or pests Through direct or indirect invasion insects and pests can cause considerable damage. Alongside the application of pesticides, pest control has evolved to include other options. Collectively these methods are referred to as Integrated Pest Management (IPM). This is a complex strategy that involves comprehension of how pests interact with their host, […]

Root Rot

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What is root rot? Root rot is a disease that attacks the roots of plants. This disease is caused by fungus especially the phytophthora. Other fungus that may cause root rot include Ganoderma armillaria, Fomes and Inonotus. Root rot has adverse effects not only n garden plants but also in trees. There are multiple species […]

Fertilization and Spraying Service

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Fertilization and spraying service is important for any type of tree planting. Fertilization can help to grow a site strongly and effectively and Spraying can help tree stay away from insects. Why Fertilization? The need for this service is occasioned by the presence of inadequate nutrients in the soil. Nutrients can be present naturally in […]

Tree Disease and Insect Infestation

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Tree Disease and Insect Infestation The keen eye of an arborist is required to monitor a landscape to prevent it from turning from an asset to a liability. There are numerous insects that affect the health of trees causing adverse effects to a landscape. Tree health is very important and if left unchecked it can […]

Diseases and Insects in the Trees of West Vancouver

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Diseases Trees can contract diseases just like humans can. However, unlike humans, trees can only contract a disease if three aspects are present. In order for a tree to become sick, a pathogen has to be present, it must also be susceptible to this particular pathogen, and finally, it must also be in an environment […]

Tree Fertilization Services

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Fertilization of trees is ultimately the most important factor in their growth alongside proper care. The best tree care service you could do to your trees in Vancouver is by calling up a professional tree care organization to properly add fertilizer to them. If you see dead branches, fallen leaves or certain other similar symptoms […]