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COVID and Healthcare

Health is important for everyone and during this deadly disease; you must take extra care of your health. Don’t go outside until it is necessary. Stay at home if you are not feeling good and take rest. Don’t avoid even small symptoms like headache or runny nose. Seek medical advice immediately when you feel low or have a slight fever. Keep a distance with people who have cough or flu because you may carry the disease and chances of becoming ill. Avoid visiting for medical facilities and try to approach the medical staff through call so they will, even more, facilitate you. Protect yourself and others from the COVID-19 and other illnesses.
If you have a fever, cough or shortness of breath then contact medical staff quickly because these can be due to infection or other illnesses. Medical help will guide you early and give proper treatment before the illness become serious. This action also keeps you and others from developing a virus-like COVID and other illnesses.

Steps for health care:

Healthcare providers should prioritize emergency patients with proper care of staff and patients. Hospitals should be expanded and there is more patient care supplies should available. Doctors should delay all unimportant visits and give time to COVID patients only. All unimportant and optional visits should reschedule. Postpone all the surgical cases, dental and eyecare visits as well. Healthcare departments should follow the below steps to keep safe the patient and staff.

Stay up-to-date about the situation:

in the current situation, everyone must know the healthcare institutions where the facilities are available. Get information in your local area and check the COVID websites for health care facilities. Visit local healthcare websites for up-to-date information.

Review emergency plans:

always check an alternative availability of staff in case you couldn’t find the nearest medical facility. Make sure that the medical staff is available whenever you need the facility.

Connect with healthcare partners near you:

get the maximum health care information by connecting with the healthcare partners. Also, create a relationship with public health partners in case of an emergency. Find out the plans on how to manage patients and accept transfers or how to share supplies.

Make a contact list for urgency:

create and constantly renew the contact list for an urgent situation. Include the important peoples in a list turn on the key location as well. Add healthcare department contacts also in a case for contacting when you need it.

Talk about COVID with staff:

Just like health is important in this pandemic situation. Doctors also should communicate about the disease with the staff and patients to get more knowledge. Delay all optional cases through calls or visitors. Healthcare staff should continuously update the information on their websites so people are aware of the current facilities.

Stay indoors and work from home:

offices should support their employees by working from home and give leverage to sick people. Give your employees the benefit of using their sick leaves so that they can recover soon and back to work.

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