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Don’t forget to prune your trees regularly- Here’s why!

Pruning is an integral part of a long-term planning strategy to protect your family, plants, and property from pests, damage, and injuries. Pruning is generally considered as a practice of removing specific portions of shrubs or trees that are dying due to lack of sunlight, diseases, pests, etc. Pruning is undoubtedly a crucial method for aesthetic purposes and healthy plant development. Here’s why it is essential to prune your trees on a regular basis!

Maintain Appearance

Hanging branches and overgrown trees can bring down the curb appeal of your property and can look ugly as well. Pruning enhances the outlook of your property by maintaining the shape of trees and shrubs.


Dead and broken branches can pose a high risk to your property and family, especially during storms. Regular pruning protects your family and property from falling branches over driveways, walkways, and other areas and also helps control vermin, snakes, and pests by reducing their options of habitat.

Promotes Plant Health

If you wish to keep your tree healthy, regular pruning is the key. Pruning involves removing excess, dead and infected branches as well as stubs. This process allows room for new growth, provides more sun exposure and air circulation for the healthy growth of your plant and trees. Pruning promotes the healthy growth of the plants by maintaining their structural integrity and balance.

Growth Control

If you want to control the growth of your trees so that you can maintain them easily, tree pruning can be the best method. However, pruning in winter season leads to a robust growth whereas, pruning trees in summer limits the growth of trees in general.

Encourages Fruit Production

During late winter, you can prune fruit trees to promote more growth in summer and spring. The tree produces more fruit with the help of its excess energy stores when they have a lesser volume to maintain.

To Improve a Vista

If the trees or its branches are blocking the beautiful views from your balconies, skylights, and windows, you need to prune your trees for a picture-perfect view. The type of pruning that is used for enhancing a view of lake, valley, or other natural structure is known as vista pruning. This type of pruning entails branches and trees that block the spectacular views of these naturally occurring splendours.

Enhances The Beauty of Your Yard

Who doesn’t love to keep their yard evergreen and refreshing with the beautiful plants? As pruning greatly impacts the appearance of the trees, you can beautify your yard through regular pruning by removing ugly sections and cutting off dead limbs, etc. Pruning is just like good grooming to your trees that not only enhances the shape of the trees but also adds to its aesthetic appeal. Hence, making your yard beautiful as ever.

Despite the numerous benefits of tree pruning, this process shouldn’t be practiced by an untrained person. Hiring a certified arborist could be your best bet if you want the job to be done safely and correctly the first time. If you are looking for the best Vancouver tree service, you can contact Aesthetic Tree and Hedge services without any hassle. The team at Aesthetic Tree and Hedge services is licensed, fully insured, and bonded that can assist you with the best tree services.

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