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How To Take Care of Your Christmas Tree To Last Longer

Since the holidays began, you were extremely excited that you bought a mighty Christmas tree from a tree lot and now worried about how long it will last? No wonder it’s the story of every household because Christmas is among the most favorite eves for all the people around the world. Likewise, the Christmas tree also holds a special place in the heart of those who celebrate this festival.

So without further ado, we will discuss some tips which are incredibly helpful to keep your Christmas tree fresh and alive for as long as weeks.

Buy The Healthiest Tree Possible

Unless you begin with a fresh, healthy tree, no one can assure you that it’ll last longer. The best is to buy the Christmas tree from a Christmas tree farm. You should also check if the tree is shedding excessive needles upon shaking or are the needles are brown. If buying from a local tree lot, pick up the one with bright green color, which is kept under shades.

Don’t Forget To Trim The Base.

As soon as you got your Christmas tree home, you should give it a cut across the bottom. Trimming the trunk is essential because it won’t allow the dried sap to accumulate and prevent the trunk from absorbing water.

Help Your Tree Get Enough Water

Despite that you don’t have an intention to keep your Christmas tree on display right away, you should place it in a large bucket with water level up to the base of the trunk. Especially for the first few days, you’ll notice your tree absorbing an abundance of water. So you must keep an eye on the water level daily to avoid dehydration. A Christmas tree can absorb a gallon of water every 24 hours.

Give It The Most Favorable Environment

A place that is too dry or has too much light both are not good for a Christmas tree. It should always be kept in a cool, shady place if you want to keep it fresh and alive for longer. Avoid placing it near heat sources such as fireplaces, stoves, and heat radiators, as it’ll speed up the drying process. If you are experiencing a dry environment, use a humidifier in the room where you’ve placed the tree.

Go For LED Lights

Everyone loves to illuminate their Christmas tree with cute-looking lights. However, incandescent bulbs give off too much heat, which isn’t suitable for the tree. Therefore, you should opt for LED lights which aren’t only good for the tree but are inexpensive and energy-efficient also.

Avoid Using Preservatives

There’s a wide range from commercially available preservatives to conventional recipes, which people often recommend their fellows to add to their Christmas tree stand. Experts say that there’s no such benefit of adding these things, and one should prefer simple, fresh water above all.


Having said all, if you still need the help of a professional arborist, The Aesthetic Tree and Hedge Service is willing to help you. You can ask for all possible services and experts’ advice.

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