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Everything You Need to Know About the 2021 updates on tree permits Vancouver

Vancouver is a land famous for its wide range of trees and greenery. However, there is always a need of improvement and pruning of those trees. Additionally, unneeded removal of trees is a hazard and the authorities have streamlined a policy and permit regarding that.

Types of Tree Permits in Vancouver:

In the Town of Vancouver, two types of licenses are mandated for trees:

  • One for street trees and
  • Another for personal trees.

Ability to receive a license, before the work commences will lead to a violation and financial penalties, so confirm for licenses prior to actually trying to remove any tree or conducting any thinning or servicing on a sidewalk tree. Tree removal licenses authorize the removal of a tree or plants from personal land which may include a necessity to crop a substitute tree (s).

This same Tree Protection Bylaw specifies only the circumstances under which a tree may be removed. This includes situations in which the tree is: This bylaw applies to all Vancouver private landowners who want to eliminate a tree.

The City of Vancouver imposes the Street Tree and Tree Conservation Municipal Rules to promote a balanced urban forest and standard of living in Vancouver. It is critical to protect and defend mature trees from unneeded abolishment or devastation as it only takes a couple of minutes to incorrectly trim or erase a tree but a decade to develop one. The Vancouver Municipal Code ensures that the stresses of urban development do not reduce our tree canopy unreasonably.

Reasons that May Permit the Removal of Trees in Vancouver:

If either one of the following circumstances apply, land owners may be provided authority to remove trees:

  • A tree on a construction site is situated within the building structure.
  • The tree is situated in such a way that a suggested garage and other accessory construction cannot be established in order to preserve the tree.
  • An arborist specifies whether the tree is deceased, dying, or dangerous.
  • An arborist specifies that the tree is immediately trying to interfere with power wires and that it cannot be pruned while maintaining a reasonable look or wellness.
  • An approved plumber certifies which the tree’s roots are immediately trying to interfere with, or obstructing, sewer or sewage systems.

Why Isn’t Unnecessary Tree Removal Permitted?

Whenever the trees reach maturity, their benefits are maximized. A healthy and productive forest is necessary for a healthy society and fully operational ecosystems. To safeguard the precious service that is the urban forest, an equilibrium among projected inflation and preservation of natural resources for coming generations is required. That’s why permits are required. Your scheduling, preservation, and reforestation effort in order will protect and defend the standard of living and character of our neighborhoods.

Other Points to Keep in Mind:

Additionally, as per the permit, no one can remove a tree without the official permission. You are strictly advised to seek the help of professional arborists. If you are seeking the services of a reliable tree removal service in Vancouver, we are here. With over decades of experience, we are here to remove the trees as per the rules. We remove the trees in such a professional way that there is no chance of them getting damaged or pruned wrongly.

We take all the safety measures to ensure that the whole process is done with perfection. We abide by all the rules and make sure to never miss any of those. With us, you won’t have to worry about anything at all!

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