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How Regular Tree Maintenance can keep your Trees Healthy?

Trees are precious. Our planet Earth has over 3 trillion trees. If you have one around your home, you are actually very lucky. It is an asset and a saviour for you. Just like other assets, trees need regular maintenance. The very same way you take your car for monthly maintenance, your trees need maintenance. All kinds of trees require maintenance in order to sustain.

You cannot afford an unhealthy or a drying tree. After all, they help you with pollution, increase your property value, are visually appealing and mentally smoothly. That is why; you must avail tree maintenance services for optimal tree health.

Tree maintenance services or arborists are professionally capable and use specialized equipment. Using local services for tree maintenance will be beneficial for you. You must keep on check on your trees. However, only an expert service can diagnose the problem with your trees. They have a keen eye for such details.

In addition, you can also look for ISA certified arborists in your locality. Arborists are qualified tree experts. They provide the best tree maintenance. Moreover, they are fully aware of all the health and disease aspects of trees. They can offer more value in terms of regular maintenance. This value is attained by their services, which are very beneficial for clients and trees.

Let us now see how regular arborist maintenance keeps the tree healthy.

Regular Maintenance for Tree’s Health by Arborists

Now, we will discuss that how regular tree maintenance benefits the tree in terms of health. For this, we will be learning about the key elements of tree care.

First, we will talk about tree pruning, which is a key element in tree care for regular maintenance. Do not confuse it with tree trimming.  Tree trimming is focused on aesthetics. While tree pruning is primarily focused on the health of the tree. Only a professional service can perform pruning. Because they have the key knowledge of cutting at particular points to prevent tree diseases and pests. Experts have the tact to cut for pruning. This leads to healthy future growth and prevents all sorts of diseases as well. Pruning also strengthens the branches.

Next, tree services work for protecting roots. Professional services will carefully adjust the soil within the roots that are visible. However, this adjustment is made under the supervision of a certified arborist. The experts will make a boundary that prevents people from walking over roots.

Killing pests in regular maintenance is also vital for trees’ health. Pests such as caterpillars, beetles, and adelgids can cause a lot of damage to the tree. To eradicate these pests, tree services will apply pesticides or any sort of preventive concentration on the base of the tree. Certain pesticides give protection from pests for over 1 year.

Trees also need to be fertilized. You heard that. We all think that trees do not need fertilizers. This wrong. Occasionally, young trees require nutrients from fertilizers for healthy growth. Now, an arborist will run a soil test to check the need for fertilizer. 

Some other elements of regular maintenance are hedge trimming, tree topping, stump grinding, and health examination of the tree. Only professionals in tree care and maintenance can do all these things. If you are in Vancouver, you can opt for the Aesthetic Tree and Hedge service.

Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Service

Here, you can avail full tree maintenance in one place. In this way, you will be able to ensure your tree’s health. You can get advice and service from ISA certified arborists for your trees.

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