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Important things we take care during the tree removal process

If you are residing in Vancouver and looking for a reliable tree removal service, then we are here to serve the purpose. We aim to offer you the best quality tree removal service in the Vancouver area. Our expert arborists will take care of even the tiniest aspect of tree removal on your behalf. We know that tree removal is an extremely intimidating task that needs special capabilities and expertise. That is why we assure you that the expert arborists at “Aesthetic Tree and Hedge Services” will provide you the best tree removal services in Vancouver and around.

We will take care of everything, don’t worry!

Tree cutting is a time consuming and risky procedure; that is why we will help you in saving your time, effort, and ensuring your safety. Our experts will use the right set of techniques and tools to cut down the tree after assessing its size, thickness, and the length of the tree you want us to cut. We will ensure that the whole process is completed by keeping a vigilant check on safety, timeliness, neatness, and protection. We start by assessing the overall area, the prospect direction where the tree will fall, and the surroundings as well. We ensure that there are no power lines, and if there is any possibility of danger, we will carefully devise a plan to avoid any mishap.

If the tree is inside a large open area, we will cut it down in one go, and once it has fallen to the ground, we will further chop it up into smaller chunks for easier shifting and disposing off. But in case the tree is situated inside a busy area, surrounded by buildings or power lines, we make sure to be extremely vigilant and careful. We will start by gradually scaling it and cutting off the branches one by one. Then we will assess the size of the tree. If it is too large, we will secure it tightly with ropes to ensure it stays away from the power lines or nearby buildings. And just like that, we will take it away in a safe way, ensuring your and everyone’s safety. If you want the stump to be left out, we will leave it as it is; otherwise, we will remove it as well as per your preference.

We will use the specialized equipment and tools to ensure that the whole process is completed with utter perfection and finesse. After cutting the tree, we will also take care of the stray branches, leftovers, and remnants of the tree. We will dispose of it properly, leaving nothing for you to deal with. From start to end, it is our responsibility to ensure utter perfection. We will make sure that the whole process is carried out safely, promptly, conveniently, and that too, with minimum fuss.  

If you are in Vancouver, feel free to ring us up and get rid of that annoying tree using the services of Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Servicesexpert arborists.

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