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Residents of North Vancouver Save that Centuries Old Tree

Recently a coalition of North Vancouver homeowners battled to keep an ancient cedar tree from becoming felled to make room for the new construction. The tree was located upon this junction of 21st Street with Lonsdale Avenue. People opposing its disposal claimed it has been around for even more than two hundred years.

“This tree never should have been considered to cut; it was on the plot’s southwestern corner, that’s not causing any damage to the ground, and has been there for 200 years. It’s beautiful, it’s robust, it really belongs to be here, yet it never should have been a doubt that such a tree would be cut down.” Said a few residents of that area.

Based on the current builder, the new construction would contain roughly 800 new buildings, as well as non-profit and well below rents as well as senior aided living, and even some other amenities.

When Did It Start?

In 2017, the development was authorized. The cedar’s side was slated to be the next entryway to that of an underground parking lot. The City of North Vancouver stated in a release that the builder “properly examined” all alternatives for preserving the tree where it would have been. Regrettably, the tree interfered with land leveling, subterranean parking garage access requirements, as well as the north-south orientation of Eastern Avenue walking streetscape enhancements. Furthermore, the tree interfered with overhead wires. No, since the big tree is eliminated, the builder is obligated to plant three replacements, according to the standards. The municipality claims to be replanting four trees for the one who gets cut down.

North Vancouver stated in December that it had secured leases and given construction licenses. The redevelopment’s proceeds would go toward the construction of a new Harry Jerome Community Recreation Complex. They’re looking for a reconsideration of the allotment, as well as the incorporation of both the tree throughout future growth on this property. A lot of residents further encouraged others to continue the fight to rescue the tree. They pleaded anyone with clout to persuade Darwin Properties as well as the City of North Vancouver to rethink their intentions and preserve beautiful trees alone. A resident also said,

“I’m so glad the Harry Jerome Centre is now being rebuilt, however, this tree should be preserved as an element of a legacy in honor of Harry Jerome, who advocated for aboriginal people.”

How Many People Were Involved?

Nearly three thousand residents signed up the petition, and even more than 400 went ahead to support another petition for the same, within the expectation that perhaps the contractor, as well as municipality, will rethink their planned development strategy and “ensure the survival” of the healthy tree. During March 15 and 16, over 40 individuals met at the location to oppose the tree’s destruction, with lofty aspirations of rescuing this tree. After continuing to work with both the Metropolis of North Vancouver’s planning commission as well as certified arborist to explore the possibilities, it became clear that a multitude of variables, most notably its site, will indeed preclude its survival, most notably its confrontation with the latest access roads, below-grade framework, constructing envelope, as well as inbound service providers off Eastern Avenue.

Although, unfortunately, this big cedar tree was not spared, the builder had conserved some other cedar trees, adjacent to this one. He further pledged to transplant additional evergreen trees in the memory of that same old oak tree, in addition to promises to grow four plants for each and every tree destroyed.

With so much effort, the people were finally able to succeed in their plan to rescue another huge cedar tree to the northwest. In honor of the tree they have been unable to save, they are growing additional evergreen trees, a Douglas fir. This one is planted just a couple of blocks uphill. People will also keep each and every one of the old-growth historical trees safe and well preserved. The authorities will now be much more careful while carrying out the tree cutting. Tree Removal will now be taken care of.

A Final Word:

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