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Tips For Keeping Tree Healthy

When you have trees in your garden, you have to take care of them. Planting trees and keeping them in a healthy state is not easy. It demands care and attention. Trees raise property value and reduced air pollution; also they add beauty and peaceful presence in our daily lives. Your trees are like an investment that not beautifies your homes but also provides fresh fruits and vegetables. For keeping tree healthy it is important to take care of your trees during starting years so it establishes strong roots and grows to be green and healthy. Here are some tips will help to your trees gets a good start for a healthy life.

.         Plant the right place:

First you find the suitable place where you can plant the tree. The other thing you need to be aware what type of weather is going on and what plants could thrive in it. Before planting plan your planning can help ensure that the right tree is planted in the right place. If you select proper tree and placement so it enhances your property value. Make sure there is enough space where the trees roots can easily be spread.

.         How much water and when

Most of the people do not know about the difference between soggy and moist soil and it’s not easy to identify the specific amount of water. At any time you plant the new tree, water the plant immediately. Spraying it with gardening hose for 30 seconds should give it enough water and if you have mature trees and their soil is moist so there is no need to water the plant.

.         Mulching is important 

When newly planted trees mulching is important, because insulates the soils, helping to provide a buffer from high temperature and frosty, retain water to help roots keep wet. Step to adding mulch around your tree. Remove grass and weed that grow under your tree at least 3 feet. You need to maintain only a 2 to 4 inch layer for cover soil with mulch. 

.         Cut of dead branches

Pruning your tree means remove dead or disease limbs or branches. For tree self-healing remove dead branches with a clean cut. Typically this is done to make the plant look more eye-catching or to keep it healthy. For healthy trees proper punning is important technique and you can prune your tree at anytime. 

.         Fertilize when needed 

Trees need nutrients, which they can get from fertilizer. Fertilize your trees so they grow strong and healthy. Your plants don’t need to be fed on an annual basis. New and young plants may need occasionally until they established or mature and old trees don’t need to be fed at all. When mature trees grow poorly nutrients are needed.

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