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Tree Diseases to Be Aware Of

Trees are a fascinating feature of the natural world. They are a great source of oxygen and contribute to providing fresh air, giving us shade from sunny summers, supporting wild life and bringing more color and beauty to our homes and workplaces. There are the time comes when trees catch a fungus or disease and they could become poisonous for living things. Many environmental changes and physical damage are the most common causes of tree ailment. such as drought, root and stem damage, and nutrient deficiency. Common diseases present in trees are,

Leaf Spots: It is a disease caused by fungal, bacterial or viral plant diseases.

Pine Needle Rust: Small yellow dots on the needles in the fall and winter are the disease’s initial symptoms.

Pine Needle Cast: The fresh needles of pine, spruce, Douglas and true fir are infected by a variety of fungus that produce needle cast disease.

Anthracnose: The fungus Colletotrichum lagenarium causes the disease anthracnose, which has small, yellowish wet spots that quickly grow larger and turn brownish as symptoms.

Other Disease, Tar Spots, Rust, Powdery Mildew, Oak Wilt.

These are the most prevalent tree diseases that are present in trees and can get worse over time.

Ways to eliminate tree infections.

However, there are other ways to avoid these diseases than removing trees. Cutting the damaged part is the common technique to stop the spread of the disease. However, it is efficient when only non-vital parts are damaged. If the stem is weakened, the entire tree should be down. If you need to prune sick trees, hire a professional tree removal service. In order to maintain the health of trees, experts trim or prune trees accordingly.

 When pruning unhealthy limbs, at least 10 inches should be taken from the dieback and into healthy wood. Pruning or trimming of trees calls for a high level of technical expertise. Always leave this to a qualified arborist; it is not something you should attempt on your own or you started cutting the trees somehow, which could harm you. An arborist will arrive prepared with the necessary tools and equipment.

Another treatment for tree disease include spraying, injections of fungicide, better soiling. Changes in tree care routine can also prevent them from diseases.

Aging Trees.

A dead tree could pose a threat to nearby trees or structures when it falls over. The dead tree needs to be removed at this time because it’s necessary for many living things. It is our goal to rescue as many trees as we can, but occasionally their removal is essential. When bark is falling off, rot and fungus can be seen, sticks everywhere, no leaves and broken roots. It indicates that your tree is dead by the diseases and should be removed safely from its place. Although it sounds like a simple prospect, tree removal is a complex task. You need to follow the right methods of removal and ensure that surrounding areas are not damaged or affected. But it can only be done by calling the professional arborists. We are trained to evaluate tree conditions and treat them wisely.

Call in The Professionals.

We, The Aesthetic Tree and Hedge Service is one of the most trustworthy registered services to handle such situations and assist you with them. You have come to the right place if you are struggling to discover a reputable tree services in Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, and near-by land areas. Our certified arborists will guide you how to plant, maintain and care your trees and hedges. What matters most is how to protect your trees from such maladies.

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