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Addressing Common Tree Issues: Prevention and Solutions

Recognizing and addressing common tree issues promptly is crucial for maintaining healthy, resilient trees on Vancouver properties. Understanding effective prevention and management strategies empowers homeowners to protect their landscapes and ensure long-term tree health. Common Tree Issues and Solutions Disease: Early detection and treatment of tree diseases, such as leaf spot or root rot, prevent […]

Secrets To Improving Over-Saturated Soil

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Spring is on its way! In other words, it means blooming flowers, fresh grass, and scented air. One of the most welcoming attributes of spring is the rain. While it benefits the plants, it might be less advantageous to the soil in the garden. It makes plants difficult to grow and harvest because rain has […]

How To Take Care of Your Christmas Tree To Last Longer

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Since the holidays began, you were extremely excited that you bought a mighty Christmas tree from a tree lot and now worried about how long it will last? No wonder it’s the story of every household because Christmas is among the most favorite eves for all the people around the world. Likewise, the Christmas tree […]

How To Identify Dangerous Trees

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Trees are considered to be the most harmless creature on the earth. In some cases, trees may be dangerous for the human being; they may cause serious injury. Accidents are mostly caused by the ignorance of humans and by natural forces. No one can stand against the natural forces of nature, but we can try […]

All You Need to Know When Hiring an Arborist

All you need to know when hiring an arborist

Arborist plays an important role in defining the look of your garden; if you choose the wrong person, he will destroy your garden in a few minutes. Before allowing any person to enter your garden make sure about a few things such as the person must have the specific types of equipment with the knowledge […]

Invasive Species


What’s an invasive species? These are species that are not native to a particular ecosystem and also have the potential to harm the environment, harm human health, and the economy. They are able to survive, reproduce and spread, unaided, and sometimes at alarming rates across landscapes. Invasive species are fast spreading and may harm a […]

Root Rot

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What is root rot? Root rot is a disease that attacks the roots of plants. This disease is caused by fungus especially the phytophthora. Other fungus that may cause root rot include Ganoderma armillaria, Fomes and Inonotus. Root rot has adverse effects not only n garden plants but also in trees. There are multiple species […]

Fertilization and Spraying Service

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Fertilization and spraying service is important for any type of tree planting. Fertilization can help to grow a site strongly and effectively and Spraying can help tree stay away from insects. Why Fertilization? The need for this service is occasioned by the presence of inadequate nutrients in the soil. Nutrients can be present naturally in […]

Mature Plant Health Care

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The importance of mature plant health care. Mature trees and shrubs are extremely important investments which boost property values by over ten percentage points. A plant health care regime is necessary due to the many years it takes to establish a beautiful landscape. These plants grow in constantly varying environmental and weather conditions. Routine monitoring […]

Tree Fertilization Services

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Fertilization of trees is ultimately the most important factor in their growth alongside proper care. The best tree care service you could do to your trees in Vancouver is by calling up a professional tree care organization to properly add fertilizer to them. If you see dead branches, fallen leaves or certain other similar symptoms […]