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Do you want someone to remove your trees safely and effectively? Aesthetic Tree and Hedge Service is here to meet all your tree removal needs.

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Professional Tree Removal Services in West Vancouver, BC

At Aesthetic Tree and Hedge Service, we have a great team of tree removal experts. They have several years of experience in the tree removal industry. Our tree service contractors work hard serving all the areas of West Vancouver. By using the latest technology, we are dedicated to providing the tree removal and trimming service efficiently and effectively. Due to the expertise and knowledge of the entire tree world, we will provide you the service that is best for your trees.

So, do not wait anymore and rely on our experienced tree removal technicians to get the job done in the best yet safest way.

Get an Affordable Tree Removal Service

There are many tree care service providers but finding the one that may best fit your needs and budget is a challenge. You may contact contractors that operate from outside the city. But at times, you need to pay them more as compensation for travel or due to more travel time, they have left just a few hours to work in your garden. Therefore, the best option is to hire an experienced team of tree care professionals at Aesthetic Tree and Hedge Service.

We provide all types of landscaping services at quite affordable rates. We are the most safer and convenient choice for all your tree removal needs. Trust us, there is no better tree removal expert for your job than us.

ISA certified Tree Services in West Vancouver

Do you want your trees, hedges, and grass to look lovely and grow better? If yes, it is time to approach experienced tree care professionals like us. Being an ISA certified arborist, we can take care of all your tree problems whether it is tree removal, hedge trimming, tree topping, stump removal, or tree transplant. For the last – years, we have been serving the community in creating their perfect lawns.

We, at Aesthetic Tree and Hedge Removal Service, believe in customer satisfaction. This is the reason that we always try to go out of the way to provide great service to make our customers happy and satisfied.

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If you want your lawn to grow at its optimal level, approach Aesthetic Tree and Hedge Service right away. Why get expensive tree removal services when we are accredited and fully insured to meet all your tree removal needs? You can contact our experts via phone or email

Steve PangSteve Pang
23:21 10 May 24
Yaniv was great!!!!! Explained to me about the city bylaws for tree cutting. Punctual and quick!!!!!! Job was better than expected. Very happy. Would use him again in the future for sure.
Nashila PremjiNashila Premji
02:23 24 Apr 24
I called Aesthetic Tree Services to prune four overgrown and neglected 30-yr old plum and maple trees. Yaniv was fantastic from start to finish! Friendly, punctual, professional and safety conscious. He took such care and attention with each pruning. He treated my trees as if they were his. They look beautiful; lighter, shapelier and dare I say, happier. So thrilled to have stumbled upon Aesthetic Tree Services!
Jovan StuparJovan Stupar
05:56 27 Feb 24
Yaniv and his crew masterfully removed a tall rotting tree that was located in a very tight spot near the house. They took away all the branches, tree trunk and cleaned up the property before they left. Highly recommended!
05:52 27 Feb 24
If I could give 6 stars out of 5 I would! Yaniv and his crew did an outstanding job on removing a very tall tree from our property that was sick. He also masterfully pruned 3 large, mature and very tall Douglas Fir trees from our property - no easy task. His crew also did a fantastic clean-up job. Yaniv is knowledgeable, honest, talented, and hard-working - would recommend him in a heart-beat.
Simon TongSimon Tong
17:51 30 Jan 24
Extremely professional and service was very thorough. Would use this service again in a heartbeat!
Eddie LiEddie Li
00:57 17 Nov 23
Yaniv and his team showed great care and professionalism to the work. Not only they took care of trimming down a humongous magnolia, but also did a through work at cleaning the leaves and branches in the garden. The attention to details really matters when it comes to tree work, and Yaniv and his team demonstrate real dedication and hardworking. I will work with Yaniv again for any future tree work!
Tina XieTina Xie
00:34 28 Oct 23
Yaniv and his team did great job, clean and professional. We will use them again for sure.
Chris EngChris Eng
22:32 04 Oct 23
Yaniv and his team are wonderful! They communicate on a timely basis, are dependable, courteous, do a great job, and do what they say in their work quote without additional fees. Highly recommended!
Yoni GordisYoni Gordis
18:43 28 Sep 23
Yaniv and Dan have been caring for our trees and hedges for years. They just did a major cutting back of a birch tree - meticulous work. Highly recommend their services.
Mary KostMary Kost
00:04 16 Sep 23
We had a huge 70 year old cedar tree removed by Yaniv and team. I have nothing but good things to say. They did an amazing job......such perfection and attention to detail. They are reliable, honest, prompt, fair and a pleasure to work with. We would hire them again.
Beverley BiggsBeverley Biggs
03:18 18 Aug 23
Thank you so much for coming to trim our hedge on very short notice, and doing an excellent job! This is the third time our complex has called on Aesthetic Tree & Hedge. The hedge looks great and everyone is very happy!
Ricarda BenthamRicarda Bentham
20:42 26 Jul 23
Excellent! I would highly recommend YANIV. They did a wonderful job trimming our cedar hedges, he was very reliable, professional, and good communication!

Frequently Asked Questions

Girdling is when a tree’s bark and underlying tissues are damaged or removed in a ring around the trunk, which can lead to the tree’s death. This can happen naturally, but it can also be caused by improper pruning or other human activities. It’s important to identify and address girdling as soon as possible to save the tree.

Girdling is a technique used in tree services to remove a strip of bark from around the trunk of a tree. This can have several benefits, including controlling the growth of the tree, promoting fruit production, and preventing the spread of disease or pests. However, it should only be done by a professional arborist, as improper girdling can harm or even kill the tree.

Ring-barking, also known as girdling, is a method of killing a tree by removing a strip of bark around the circumference of the trunk. This disrupts the flow of nutrients and water from the roots to the rest of the tree, eventually causing it to die. It is often used as a method of removing unwanted trees or controlling the growth of trees in certain areas. However, it can also be a harmful and destructive practice if not done properly.

Girdling is the process of cutting a ring around the trunk of a tree, while ring-barking is the removal of a strip of bark around the trunk. Both methods can be harmful to the tree, as they disrupt the flow of nutrients and water. However, girdling is typically done intentionally as a method of killing a tree, while ring-barking can occur accidentally or as a result of animal damage.