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Addressing Common Tree Issues: Prevention and Solutions

Recognizing and addressing common tree issues promptly is crucial for maintaining healthy, resilient trees on Vancouver properties. Understanding effective prevention and management strategies empowers homeowners to protect their landscapes and ensure long-term tree health. Common Tree Issues and Solutions Disease: Early detection and treatment of tree diseases, such as leaf spot or root rot, prevent […]

Ten Lesser Known Facts and Stats About Arborist


If you’ve ever lived in a house surrounded by trees, you would understand exactly how hard it is to keep them healthy. Trees can be hazardous if they are not maintained properly. When it gets down to the well-being of the rest of the place or industry, the expense of tree servicing is justified. A […]

How to Take Care of Your Trees in Spring?

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Grant your trees the attention they require this spring. This really is the ideal essential to evaluate any cold weather damage and prepare your trees for a productive summer. Because as weather begins to recover as well as the trees begin to bloom, it is reasonable to assume that spring has arrived! As a result, […]

Everything You Should Know About BC Power Outage Tree Hazard

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You are liable as an owner of the property for maintaining the service cables on your land, clear of trees and vegetation. Inspect your surrounding area before you begin the process of tree plantation. You need to be very careful when you do your own tree pruning. In most cases, there might be power sources […]

Everything You Need to Know About the 2021 updates on tree permits Vancouver

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Vancouver is a land famous for its wide range of trees and greenery. However, there is always a need of improvement and pruning of those trees. Additionally, unneeded removal of trees is a hazard and the authorities have streamlined a policy and permit regarding that. Types of Tree Permits in Vancouver: In the Town of […]

5 Signs You Need an Arborist

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Trees need to be tended to on a daily basis, and when they become unwell or wounded, they may demand more critical treatment and care. You can also solve tree-related issues on your own if you are resourceful. Nevertheless, there will be instances when hiring a skilled arborist would be the wisest option to choose. […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Tree Pollarding

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Pollarding is an alternative technique used for pruning trees. It helps in keeping the trees, as well as shrubs, stay in their space. Pollarding is a very complex technique, and there are many imperative points that you should always keep in mind. It demands proper care and hands-on experience to be able to prune a […]

A Complete Guide to Evaluating Trees after Storm

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The storm can be devastating in many ways. For example, it can not only wreak havoc for humans but can also severely damage the trees. If you live in an area where there are regular or too many storms, then it becomes imperative for you to take care of the surrounding trees. Always make sure […]

Protecting Trees In Winter

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The coldest season can damage and injure plants. This is the just-right time to take advantage of caring for your trees and plants. The snow starts in a city keep an eye or be prepared on your surrounding suburbs and tree. Although trees are dormant in the winter season In Wintry conditions can be stressful […]

Protecting your Tree & Shrubs

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Protective measures in Vancouver can be done in many ways to ensure the overall health of your trees and shrubs. Some can be seen with naked eyes, some applied throughout the year to see results years to come. In this post We’ll be discussing two: The protection of tree’s from harmful factors like tree cutting […]