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One Trees Stump Is another Man’s Garden in Maple Ridge

Aesthetic Tree and Hedge Services offers a variety of services for their Maple Ridge customers including stump removal and landscaping services. However, there are probably times when you totally forget about the stump that is sticking up like a sore thumb in your back or front yard after your tree is removed.

What do you do with it? Get it removed? Have it grinded? Just leave it and let it possibly attract ants to further break it down into oblivion? Although most of these are valid options, you can always go a different route. A route that is more creative.

As a gardener myself, I recently tried to plant marigolds into an old stump in my backyard. Although the marigolds didn’t survive, I discovered that with the proper knowledge I would be able to be successful, however, I did end up grinding this stump.

If you have a stump and you want it removed you can call us at (604)721-7370
we offer a professional stump grinding service as well as other tree services.

For those of you that have a creative drive, you can come up with a multitude of ideas. Pinterest is always a good option for coming up with ideas for you and your friends. But I am here to offer you some of the ideas that I have found kind of nifty.

Tic TAC Toe Board and Painted Pebbles

One of the ideas that caught my eye was a tic TAC toe board. As someone that gets routinely bored all of the time and also enjoys the sun, this seemed like the perfect idea. You can sit outside with your kid or a friend and play until your heart’s content. You can also paint little pebbles to look like bugs to appease the little ones in your house.

Trendy Bike Rack

I don’t personally know how to ride a bike, but I thought this specific idea would not only be cool but also trendy. You can carve a part of the trunk to fit your bicycle wheel into it. So basically it turns into a fancy bike rack. There is no longer any need for locks when you get home from a long day of pedaling in Maple Ridge.

Stumps for Comfort

Another interesting idea for something to do with a tree stump is designing it into a chair. This would be perfect for anyone that works in Maple Ridge. There are so many designs you can find out there that there is most likely at least one to suit your interests and comfort level. You can create anything from a chair with arms to an ottoman like seat with a cushion seat fixed in the center. Nature and comfort go hand in hand after all.


This final idea made me think of the people at Maple Ridge as soon as I saw it. You can transform the stump or any part of the tree you are cutting down into a vase for whatever kind of flower you wish. I thought this was an aesthetically pleasing idea, not only because the design options are almost endless, but also because it is simply for the purpose of preserving the offerings of nature.

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