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Fertilization of trees is ultimately the most important factor in their growth alongside proper care. The best tree care service you could do to your trees in Vancouver is by calling up a professional tree care organization to properly add fertilizer to them. If you see dead branches, fallen leaves or certain other similar symptoms of tree decay in your garden, simply call over a professional service to come and check out the area.

These signs are obviously showing the fertilizer needs of your trees in Vancouver which need to be fulfilled immediately. The need for regular maintenance like mulching or water may be more obvious through these symptoms but if you really care about the tree and want it to be healthy in the longer run, add proper fertilizer to its soil.

People often look at thousands of trees in Vancouver in one place blossoming in a forest and make a wrong conception that trees can flourish easily without any fertilizer. However, that is one of the biggest misconceptions you could have regarding tree health and growth. There is a giant difference between growing trees in Vancouver in the forest and in artificial landscaping done by humans.

​Two of the major differences between the two are that forests can easily get their fertilization materials from naturally decayed organic matter present in the vicinity, mostly fallen leaves and tree branches. In many cases, this is also removed from urban areas when activities like construction start to take place. When you compare the soil of a forest to that of a landscape in an urban area, there’s a huge difference in their fertility levels. That’s exactly why there’s a requirement for fertilizers.

Going through a tree fertilizing plan and following proper calendar dates helps a big deal with the overall health from branches to leaves and the outer appearance of the trees as well. It helps the trees in Vancouver and plants of all kinds in recovering from any disease or insect issues they are suffering from. If you fertilize and keep the trees in good healthy shape, it’ll be easier for them to fight against viruses and diseases like we’ve explained before in our writings. The trees in Vancouver also become stronger and can survive conditions like droughts and land sliding.

Some of the most effective and standard methods which are used to fertilize trees in Vancouver these days are through the addition of fertilizer into the tree’s soil, spreading the fertilizer throughout the tree’s canopy and the addition of tree junk as fertilizer to the trunk. All of these methods have their own different advantages and disadvantages which you should look at before using any of them. However, using any technique would mean at least you are fertilizing them and that is way better than not fertilizing at all.

The injection of soil is often called deep root fertilization by experts and works better than most. The delivery mechanism spreads fertilizer into the depth of earth below the tree at a distance of almost 1 foot to the maximum. A greater part of fertilizer through this method reaches the tree’s system.

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