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Tree Health Diagnosis

This is a professional consulting service offered by arborists and extension officers regarding the health of trees n a property. Diagnosis must be done onsite in the presence of the property owner who should provide historical and current information such as irrigation patterns, treatments proved and sol disturbances.

Tree health diagnosis is a complex process that aims at establishing the risks or threats to the life of the tree. The process must also recommend ways of treating the trees, minimizing or completely eliminating the threats.

The need for diagnosis.

Trees form an important part of the environment. Trees in a landscape boost property values by double-digit percentage points. Trees temper weather elements proving conducive environments to live in. During summer trees cool their neighborhoods and provide warmth during winter.

For healthy and beautiful trees arborists and homeowners should be in a position to establish when a tree is ailing. When trees are not well tended they become targets of pests, diseases, and problems arising from the deficiency of water and nutrients. Other reasons for a tree to look unhealthy include encroachment by invasive species and improper planting.

When do you need a tree health diagnosis?

There are many symptoms that indicate deterioration of health that could lead to the decline or even death. Some of these include:

  • Change of leaf color from dark green to brown or even yellow.
  • Dead or dying leaves, twigs or branches.
  • Powdery substances or scales on the barks of trees.
  • Stunting ingrowth such as slow development of bud and leaves.
  • Leaf drop
  • Dieback of the crown.
  • Thinned, dwarfed or damaged trees.
  • Growths such as algae or mushrooms on the stems, twigs or leaves.
  • Holes from boring insect on trunks or leaves.

Most of the above problems could be caused by various reasons. They may indicate dehydration or overwatering, rotting of roots, poor nutrition or exposure to bug or diseases. These problems might be caused by external damages by impact or exposure to hostile weather conditions.











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