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Tree Trimming – Coquitlam

There are several different types of hedge cutting that can be done around a customer’s home. Standard tree trimming consists of removal of all dead wood from the tree, elevating the canopy so that it is not touching the roof, hitting your head when you mow, raise within city guidelines over the street or sidewalk, selective thinning of the sprout on the inside, correction of stubbed limbs or previous breaks and looking to remove crossover limbs as well.

Tree pruning that is not done correctly can cause damage that remains for the life of the tree.

Ball Moss Removal:

Ball Moss removal is a standard part of tree trimming/pruning as well. Ball Moss is not harmful to the tree (as it is an epiphyte) but it can be unsightly and therefore undesirable.

Roof Clearance:

Tree trimming to raise the roof is a minimum cost type of job that will keep limbs from touching the house.

Crown Clean-out:

Pruning of dying, dead, limbs that cross or intersect, weak attached limbs and sprouts from a tree’s canopy. This is one of the most common tree trimming procedures.

Crown Elevation:

Tree pruning that is done to raise the lower limbs of the tree to provide clearance for driveways, walkways, homes, buildings and/or to be able to walk under.

Crown Reduction:

Pruning back leaders to lateral branches to reduce height and/or width of the tree. This is only done only as a last resort to having to remove the tree. An example of this would be when a tree is growing under electrical lines or to provide a view over the top of the tree.

Vista Pruning:

Tree trimming in which the homeowner would like to create a view or a business would like for his or her sign to be seen more clearly. Cabling/Bolting:

Tree cabling is the installation of high strength cables and/or threaded rods to increase structural strength in the tree. This is done with limbs growing at bad angles, co-dominant limbs with included bark, limbs that have split and would like to prevent further cracking therefore the cables are installed to restrict movement and to take weight off the attachment that is splitting.

These are the only cuts that should be made during tree pruning:

  • Trimming dead or decayed branches that could be hazardous to person or property
  • Trimming diseased and insect infested limbs (This prevents or slows infestation into healthy parts of the tree)
  • Trimming of limbs or branches damaged by high winds and/or storms
  • Pruning branches that touch wires, homes or buildings
  • Sprouts can be removed to thin the tree allowing air to flow through the tree and light to shine on the yard so that grass can grow properly
  • Training of new trees for future shape and structure
  • Pruning excessive weight on the tips to reduce the chance of limbs breaking in the future
  • Trimming of crossover limbs that intersect and rub against each other leaving the tree open to pathogens

Are you looking for a professional tree trimming/pruning service in Coquitlam? We trim all types of hedges, big, small, round, square, pillars, globes, topiaries, etc. Call Us (604)721-7370 Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Services is here to help.

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