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Giant Trees – North Vancouver Old Trees

If you wish to explore some amazing giant trees of the world, North Vancouver is the place to be. Some of the giant old trees can exist on the famous hiking trails of North Vancouver, and others can also be found easily along the most-beaten paths. We provide North Vancouver tree services so that people can enjoy the amazing sight of giant trees in North Vancouver that’s been known for their historical value and great size since ancient size. Let’s get you know some of the fantastic giant trees of North Vancouver that you should certainly not miss to check out if you ever visit the place.

Giant trees

North Vancouver’s logging area has gifted its viewers with the ancient giant trees. In the early 1900s, the whole North shore was drenched so that the wood obtained from the trees could be used to make houses and build their resource economy. However, some trees were left behind and were not cut down because of some reason.

Raindancer Trail

Raindancer trail runs parallel to Baden Powell and is generally as a lesser-used trail. You will get to see an incredible range of heritage trees as you move through the Raindancer trail. You will surely get an exclusive hint of the forest before it was logged as you move along various trails exploring the numerous cedar stumps along the way.

Quarry Rock

A large rocky outcrop is present off the shores of Deep Cove area in North Vancouver known as Quarry Rock. Quarry Rock is also referred to as Grey Rock in some hiking books and is indeed one of the popular places to hike in North Vancouver. There are small creeks of mountain runoff, densely wooded areas of Hemlock trees and Douglas fir and the pleasant smell of fresh forest air as you hike along with this place. Some people don’t even notice the giant trees while hiking on Baden Powell Trail of the Quarry Rock. You can witness a gigantic Douglas fir that is over 600 years old and is about two meters and is located between Quarry Rock and the Deep Cove trailhead that is on the east side of the trail. The giant tree of Douglas fir is tagged with a white color marker as “DNV Parks—Heritage Tree This marker regards to the part of old-growth trees past registry.

Capilano River Regional Park

Among the fabulous sights of North Vancouver, where you will explore a lot of giant trees, one of the best places in Capilano River Regional Park, located to the west side of the canyon. This park will take you to a fantastic visit to the very famous “Grandpa Capilano” as you move downhill gravel road. The giant “Grandpa Capilano” is around 2.5 meters in diameter and is over 800 years old. You will also explore two more giant Douglas fir as you move along the same path of the trail. The canyon is worth the visit; either you explore it from the east side or the west. There is one of the tallest Douglas fir trees in all of the B.C. near the Cable Pool Bridge that is measured around 80 meters and is still growing.

Mosquito Creek

At the north of the Baden Powell trail along Mosquito Creek, you will witness the sightseeing views of heritage trees. You will see the giant Douglas fir and western red cedars as you continue your journey along the west side of the Mosquito creek.

North Vancouver is undoubtedly a place full of mesmerizing giant trees sightseeing. North Vancouver arborist spend plenty of time and devote their effort to a well-maintained forest and to retain the charm of the giant trees that are known for their historical value.

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