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How to fight with coronavirus

Fighting with the coronavirus is not easy especially when you don’t know the treatment properly. Before knowing the treatment everyone must know the symptoms. When you know the symptoms it will be easy to get the treatment immediately. The most common signs of COVID-19 are dry cough, fatigue and fever. Some people also experience pains and aches, chest congestion, runny nose, and a painful throat. In the start all these signs are mild but by the time it gets increases. Few people don’t face any of the signs and illnesses. There are around 80% of people who have recovered even without any particular treatment. The most serious infected person faces the shortness of breath and these cases are find out in 1 of 6 people. People who have blood pressure or heart problem are more expected to develop the illness. Contact the healthcare department for proper treatment if you have fever, cough or shortness of breath.

Protective measures for Corona fight:

Maintain social distancing:

There is no such vaccine and medicine developed to fight with coronavirus but there are many ways to get protection from the virus. Keep distance from the affected people and avoid going outside unnecessarily. Those people who have serious symptoms appear of COVID should be hospitalized immediately. The supportive care department takes special care to COVID patients and tries to recover them. Vaccines and medicines to fight with corona are under production. Before launching any medicine it will go through the clinical test. The world health organization is putting its efforts to create the vaccine as soon as possible.

Wash hands frequently:

Take special care of yourself and your loved ones. The best way to be protected from the virus is to wash your hands frequently. This act will be beneficial for you and others as well. Whenever you have cough or sneezing try to cover your mouth with your elbow or use a tissue. Wash your hands right away after opening the door or taking anything from outsiders. Maintain a 3 feet distance and wear a mask when you meet someone. Avoid those persons who have even a slight cough because their droplets can transfer the virus into you. Stay at home and spend quality time with your family.


Go for self-isolation immediately if you have any of the symptoms appear. You don’t need to do much for self-isolation, just stay at home and do not meet with anyone until you completely recover. Try to select an alternative for grocery and better do online grocery. The more you stay at home the quickly you will recover from the virus. If it is urgent to go outside then cover yourself properly and wear a mask.

Clean environment:

Make your environment clean so that you will away from respiratory infection or other serious illnesses. Eat properly and boost up your immune system because of coronavirus attacks on weak immune system people as well. If you feel a slight problem in breathing then seek medical advice quickly by calling the healthcare providers. They will give you a quick guideline to fight with corona and the shortness of breath.


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