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How to Get Tree Removal Permit in Vancouver?

Throughout Vancouver city, 2 categories of licenses are necessary for the tree: including one street tree as well as the other for the personal trees. Refusal to get permission before beginning work can lead to an infraction as well as financial consequences. Therefore, you need to look for and verify the information regarding permits before cutting just any type of tree or doing any trimming or repair on a public tree.

Tree removal permits allow the disposal of a tree or even multiple trees off of a privately owned land. It may also include a mandate to establish a substitute tree (s).

You can only cut a tree if you have the right reasons and the right permit to do so. This involves instances in which the trees seem to be:

  • Causing significant harm to your assets
  • Situated inside the construction and refurbishment building structure
  • Dying, decaying, ill, or posing a risk

If you are still unsure of how can you get a tree removal permit in Vancouver, read on:

Process of Requesting a Tree Permit in Vancouver:

You can email as well as physically deliver the finished personal trees permitting process to the Development Review Services Permit Counter. Please keep in mind that requests for Private Tree Work Permits aren’t handled by Urban Forestry. Submitted requests should be mailed to:

  • Permit Counter PO Box 1995 Vancouver, WA 98668.
  • Or sent off towards the Permit Counter at City Hall, 415 W 6th St Vancouver, WA 98668, for hand delivery.

The Vancouver city implements the Street Tree as well as Tree Conservation rules set by the municipal to promote a healthy urban landscape and standard of living throughout Vancouver. It is critical to safeguard and maintain mature trees against unneeded removal or damaged since it simply takes a couple of minutes to poorly trim or cut down a plant but a decade to develop one. The Vancouver Municipal Code ensures that the demands of urban expansion do not reduce our tree cover needlessly. Select the most suitable tree care expert (ISA-certified arborists) for any tree work to assure correct care of the valued assets, prevent future safety features and expenditures, and prevent dangers.

Stages for Applying for a Street Tree License

Street trees, known as trees whose trunks are permanently or temporarily placed inside the way or causing hindrances. Permission must be obtained under VMC 12.004 for the planting, substantial trimming, and disposal of street trees.

  • Fill out an online Urban Forest Work Permit Request or obtain the document. Send your request to the Urban Forestry Department. If you fill the entire form, the information will be forwarded to the Urban Forestry. You can send the request via fax, email messages, or delivered by hand, provided you print or finish it. Requests for Street Tree Work Permits are NOT handled just at Development Review Services Permit Counter.
  • Urban Forestry will assess your request then, if needed, check the tree. The examination of permit applications may demand more than or up to ten days. They will notify you if the permission has indeed been authorized or rejected.
  • Whenever your license application is granted, you may prepay for that and pick that up only at Development Review Services Permit Counter. Don’t start any plant work unless you have received a permit.

Private Tree License

Permission is necessary for the removal of private trees in specific instances, thus according to VMC 20.770. Cutting private trees does not need a license. If the trees seem to be on privately owned land.

Final Word:

You may believe that chopping down all the trees personally is less expensive, but this is a widespread fallacy. You’ll need the correct equipment, which is costly and should only be used by a skilled specialist. An inexperienced individual will take longer to complete the work. You’ll also need to get rid of the leftovers. It is also a risky procedure; therefore, it is preferable to find a qualified tree service. You’ll have extra room for a shed, a pool, or other amenities after eliminating a tree that has been obstructing your view or sitting in an inconvenient position within your property.

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