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How to Take Better Care of Your Trees This Year

Trees are by far the most important and valuable components of our ecosystem. They shadow our dwellings and neighborhoods, reducing the cost of electricity. They raise land values, minimize air emissions and soil degradation, as well as provide wildlife habitat. Plus, they bring charm and a soothing aura to our ordinary routine.

These are just some of the myriad reasons why trees are vital for the world as well as our ecosystem. This being said, it is extremely important to take care of our trees and keep them safe and healthy. The expert arborists at Aesthetic Tree and Hedge Services have compiled a list of some of the vital reasons why and how you should always ensure to take care of your trees. Read on to know what are those.

·        Know Which Is the Right Tree to Plant:

It is amongst the most critical steps to make sure you enjoy decades of gratification from every tree. Choose a tree that is well suited to your environment as well as to the environmental circumstances of the land, light, and area at the planting site. Consult your nearest nursery for further knowledge on the best trees to plant in your area. Choose a tree that is appropriate for your location, then locate an area that will receive sufficient sunlight and provide enough room for the tree’s fullest plantation. Make sure you’re not digging too close to transmission lines, underground service lines, or your house when you start digging. Last but not least, do not plant it too deep inside the ground.

·        Water, Water, and Water:

Trees, along with every other plant, demand appropriate watering. Monitor to see whether your tree needs to be watered when it hasn’t rained in a while. In most cases, old trees require one inch of water every week. In the first growing season or so, new trees need four to ten gallons of water per week. Before spraying again, let the soil dry out a little. You can’t rely on the lawn sprinkler system to be doing the duty without your supervision. They seldom water deeply enough, resulting in trees with shallow roots. Better alternatives include soil basins or drip watering.

·        Mulching is the Key:

Underneath the tree’s canopy, add two to three inches of organic mulch, including pine straw as well as compost. Mulch cools down the soil, helps maintain moisture, enhances the properties of the soil, and inhibits weed growth. Refill on a regular basis. Mulch defends tree roots from lawnmower cuts and prevents soil from drying out. Remove the grass beneath the tree and cover it with two to four inched layers of mulch to support your tree enjoy the benefits. Be sure not to cover or overlap the trunk’s base.

·        Prune Properly:

Trimming trees properly strengthens their structure while also eliminating any deadwood that could be pulling them down. Whenever the tree is inactive and has no leaves, do massive trimming (if possible). After which, throughout the summer, concentrate on cleaning up and removing small, dying, or weakened tree branches. Having thinning adjustments (trying to remove whole limbs at their roots) rather than heading cuts improves the strength and structure of the trees. Pruning appropriately and also at the appropriate time will make a substantial difference. Consult a professional arborist for big trees, don’t do it by yourself.

A Final Word:

If you want to make your trees last longer and stay healthy, it is imperative to seek the services of a certified arborist. The expert professionals at Aesthetic Tree and Hedge Services are here to be your tree’s savior. No matter what type of help you need regarding your trees, we are here to help you out. Get in touch with us today and book an appointment.

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