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Secrets To Improving Over-Saturated Soil

Spring is on its way! In other words, it means blooming flowers, fresh grass, and scented air. One of the most welcoming attributes of spring is the rain. While it benefits the plants, it might be less advantageous to the soil in the garden. It makes plants difficult to grow and harvest because rain has increased water content.

However, the matter is solvable. Continue reading to learn how to fix the oversaturated soil to make your garden productive.

Introduce cover crops

Cover crops will absorb the additional water. Moreover, they are excellent for the soil too. Cover crops will enhance soil health and composition. Resultantly, the garden does not become a huge mud pond. You can plant the cover crops in the winter to prepare for the next spring.

Cover crops will consume the water from the oversaturated soil as they grow in the winter. Simultaneously, they will introduce organic material in the soil too.

Try the no-till method

Assuming your garden is suffering from oversaturated soil. In that case, it is best to avoid tilling as it damages the soil more. Therefore, an excellent precaution is staying away from the soil. If you were to till the soil, the actions would destroy its composition. The biological activity will weaken the nutrients and vitamins that promote plant growth.

Besides machinery, foot traffic is also injurious to oversaturated soil. Therefore, the individual must not walk or install paved pathways. However, you can plant fertilizer in the soil as the synthetic ingredient will not damage the garden. The conditions are also fruitful for wet plants too.

Add fertilizer

Fertilizer and other organic plant-growth ingredients do not weaken the oversaturated soil. In fact, they bond and mix the particles well, creating air particles and promoting drainage. The organic material will also dry the soil too.

You can also adapt the subsoil technique that mixes well with the original soil. It is a completely different strategy than no-till, even if it sounds the same. Subsoiling promotes the original structure while creating more air. As a result, the drainage improves. Farms and agricultural companies perform subsoiling using tractors and subsoilers. On the other hand, small houses can do it with a broadfork.

Mix sand with the soil

Adding sand to the garden might be wise if the soil is clay-based. The combination will promote drainage. However, always prefer adding fertilizer/organic material to sand as it is more effective and saves money. If sufficient sand is not added, the soil becomes brick and denser.

Plant the right…plants

To fix oversaturated soil, you are encouraged to research and pick the right plants. The following plants will enhance the garden and improve the surrounding such as:

  • Ground covers like sedges, wild violets, or liriope.
  • Perennials like iris, cannas, swamp sunflowers, or papyrus
  • Shrubs like rough-leaf, dogwood, or buttonbush
  • Trees like willows, possumhaw, or dawn redwood

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