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Everything You Need to Know About Recent Events in Vancouver

The lush green and beautiful city of Vancouver is all geared up for the exciting events. There are many events currently on a roll and planned for this year. If you are a resident of Vancouver, you might be super excited for the fun times ahead. Let’s quickly see what this year has in store for us and what is going around in Vancouver.

Events That Are Lined Up:

  • Talking about January, there are many exciting things going on, including Exhibitions at the Bill Reid Gallery, Amazing Art Projects, Creative Expression opportunities by North Van Arts, and Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival to name a few.
  • In the Month of February, there are quite exciting festivals lined up, including Vancouver International Wine Festival, Chutzpah as well as a lot of fun-filled dining out events.
  • As soon as March kicks in, there are going to be many immersive experiences offered by The Polygon Gallery, Museum of Vancouver, Museum of Anthropology at UBC, Le Centre Cultural Francophone de Vancouver, Bill Reid Gallery as well as the famous Dine Out Vancouver Festival.
  • Talking About April, there is going to be the Cherry Blossom Festival, Sakura Days Japan Fair as well as many other opportunities to have a wonderful time at the social events pertaining to culture, art, and food.
  • In the Month of May, we will see the Vancouver Opera Festival, BMO Vancouver International Marathon, 2021 Vancouver International Children’s Festival, and many other exciting opportunities to explore the world of culture, food, and art.
  • In June, as a welcome to Summer, there are a lot of exciting events lined up. These include International Jazz Festival, Vancouver Craft Beer Week, Broadway Across Canada, Hamilton events, and many more.
  • To add up to the excitement of Summer, there will be some pretty amazing events in July. These include Celebration of Light, Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival, 43rd Annual Vancouver Folk Music Festival, and some awesome cultural events as well.
  • In August, there will be some of the most hugely popular events, including the Vancouver Pride Festival, Celebration of Light, and a lot of famous singers are coming to Vancouver for Musicals.
  • In September, we will have the opportunity to attend, Fair at the PNE, Vancouver International Film Festival as well as a lot of outdoor concerts and cultural shows.
  • October will bring along the events such as the Vancouver Fringe Festival, Vancouver Writers Fest, and many events by the Museum of Anthropology at UBC, etc.
  • In November, there are going to be events like ISCM World New Music Days, Eastside Culture Crawl, and some exciting events by the Museum of Vancouver, etc.
  • Finally, in December, we will bid adieu to the year by exciting events such as Christmas Market and the Festival of Lights.

A lot of these events are planned to be outdoors, so if you need to set up the surrounding trees or revert the damage caused to the greenery and trees of a particular area, you can rely on the expert arborists at Aesthetic Tree and Hedge Services. We will be glad to be of assistance.

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