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The Do’s and Don’ts of Tree Pollarding

Pollarding is an alternative technique used for pruning trees. It helps in keeping the trees, as well as shrubs, stay in their space. Pollarding is a very complex technique, and there are many imperative points that you should always keep in mind. It demands proper care and hands-on experience to be able to prune a tree with utter perfection.

There are certain points that should always be kept in mind while pruning the trees. The whole process should be performed with an expert’s supervision or guidance. We would always recommend you seek professional arborist services to carry out the process. The expert arborists at Aesthetic Tree and Hedge Services take care of all the imperative factors to ensure that the pollarding is done with complete perfection.

The Do’s of Pollarding:

The important things that should always be kept in mind while pollarding a tree include the following.

  • Always, we repeat always make sure to hire an expert company for pollarding of trees. Without proper experience, your trees will get damaged and eventually destroyed.
  • Make sure that the whole process is carried out by keeping the mandatory guidelines in mind. Because a little bit of discrepancy can destroy your tree and cut short its wellbeing and life span.
  • Ensure that the right set of tools and equipment are being used to prune the trees. Without proper equipment, the trees will not be properly pruned.
  • Always makes sure to prune the trees when really needed. If there is no need to prune the trees, don’t do it. Unnecessary, improper, and excessive pruning can cause damage to your trees.
  • After every storm or heavy rain, make sure to get your trees evaluated by a reliable arborist company. See if there is any requirement of pruning after the extreme weather. If so, get it done with a professional’s help and guidance.

The Don’ts of Pollarding:

Since pollarding is a very complex and minute process, it should only be performed by an expert. There are certain things that should always be avoided in the case of pollarding. Some of the most imperative ones are as under:

  • Never go for pollarding unless and until it becomes unavoidable. Unnecessary pollarding can be hazardous for the trees.
  • Never remove excess than twenty-five percent of foliage, especially when it is the season of growth.
  • Other than removing the destroyed or dead branches, never even consider pollarding a tree that has been planted since less or equal to a year ago.
  • Never use wound paint; it is of no good for the trees.
  • Never root out the lion-tailing of the trees during pollarding; it kills trees.
  • Never leave behind the plant, shrub, or tree stubs during pollarding. It destroys the trees by causing further decay.
  • Carry out the whole process by yourself, without seeking professional’s help.

All these things are important to be kept in mind and implemented while carrying out the pollarding of a tree.

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