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A Complete Guide to Evaluating Trees after Storm

The storm can be devastating in many ways. For example, it can not only wreak havoc for humans but can also severely damage the trees. If you live in an area where there are regular or too many storms, then it becomes imperative for you to take care of the surrounding trees. Always make sure to hire a reliable company to evaluate the trees after the storms. It is too important to evaluate the trees after storms. An expert arborist will be able to do the job without any issues or risks.

Things to do After a Storm

Following are the things that need expert’s attention:

  • Make sure to clean the surrounding area and remove the debris and fallen leaves. It takes great care to be able to do the job perfectly. Because it might cause injury or accident when a loose tree branch is being removed from the ground, and it hits back.
  • Another important point to be kept in mind while evaluating a storm-damaged tree is to look for any signs of risky power lines, downed utility lines as well as hanging branches. It can cause potential danger and serious hazards. That is why before proceeding, make sure to keep an eye on those as well.
  • If the tree is repairable, then prune back the branches. If you feel that It is beyond repair, then make sure to cut them off because branch and stems stubs can cause rotting and further damage to the trees.
  • While cutting the large branches, ensure to cut them from the outer side of the collar. Cut from the base of the broken branch.
  • If any of the following elements are seen after the storm, it means that the tree must be removed. There will be no way left to repair the tree, and it must be removed fully. The signs are listed below:
  • When the lower trunk is either completely broken or cracked deeply
  • When you see that a massive stem has teared up from the tree
  • When you find out that the main roots of the trees are damaged beyond repair
  • When you see that a damaged tree might cause further damage, i.e., to a building, power line, etc.
  • When you see that all the major stems and branches of the tree are broken.

The first thing you need to do is to look for a reliable arborist to do the job. Make sure that the company you’re hiring for the job is well experienced and expert in the field. An expert arborist team will take all the mandatory safety measures while evaluating the trees after the storm. The tree experts at Aesthetic Tree and Hedge Servicesmake sure to take care of everything in this regard. They are famous for providing the best services all around Canada. If you require expert services, contact them today, and they will evaluate your surrounding trees after even the mightiest of storms.

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