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How “Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Services” ensure Successful Transplantation of a Mature Tree?

As daunting as it sounds, transplanting a mature tree is indeed a tricky task. There is a lot of nitty-gritty involved in the process to ensure successful transplantation. If you are residing in Vancouver, then the “Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Services” team can do the needful for you. If you are planning to a new house and would like to take your favorite tree with you, we will ensure that. In case you are planning to move a mature owing to reasons such as home additions or hardscaping projects etc. We will help you in everything by successful transplantation of the tree, be it mature or even a shrub. 

Aesthetic Tree and Hedge Services is the name that proudly tops the list as the epitome of Excellent Tree Removing services in Vancouver!

Our experts will start by assessing the details of the transplanting process and evaluating the location of the tree that needs to be removed. The next most important step is the root pruning that will take place before the transplantation. Through the pruning process, we give a majestic boost to the success factor. We carefully devise the strategy and make the necessary preparations for the big job, months before it is due. We prune the roots a couple of months before the actual transplantation plan is scheduled. This makes it possible to stimulate and expedite root growth. Especially the roots that are closer to the trunk and stems are stimulated through the pruning process resulting in indemnification of the roots that are wasted during the process.

We help you save your favorite trees with a minimized risk factor. We provide you a chance to safely move your loved plant or tree to make way for its further growth. We make use of the right set of equipment and the years-long hands-on experience of our tree arborist to make the whole process a success. Our team is capable of manoeuvring even the mightiest of root balls and heaviest of trees with finesse. We also make sure to be vigilant about the weather conditions. We mostly carry out the process in fall or early spring as it amplifies the success rate of the overall process. We are entirely about details.

We will take care of each step involved in the process. Another most important thing that we take into consideration is the season. The successful completion of the Tree removal process heavily depends on the right season and climatic conditions. There are certain do’s and don’ts that are mandatory to take care of regarding the season and weather conditions. Nature is interrelated in so many ways! One aspect affects the other and so on. We make sure that everything is done in the appropriate season.

Another of the complexities involved in the process is “watering” and “Addition of Mulch.” We carefully devise the plan for watering and the addition of mulch after a deep analysis of the tree. If the tree is large in size, we make use of the “Staking” process. We utilize a maximum of three stakes, all the while ensuring that the rope or thread isn’t damaging or cutting the tree bark. We end the Staking process by driving them into solid ground and successfully removing them after a year. 

These are just some of the aspects that we take care of while transplanting a mature tree. If you are looking for Tree Servicing in the Vancouver area, feel free to reach out to us and request a quote!

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