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How Trees can help combat climate change in Vancouver?

We all know that the world is on the brink of falling completely due to climate change. Yes! It is right. We totally forgot that our Earth is a “one piece at a time” thing, as we will not get another one. Across the world, climate change is showing its devastating effects, and Canada is no exception. According to Statistica, 46% of Canadians are actually very worried about climate change.

Moreover, Canada’s atmosphere is warming at twice the rate of the global average. This is truly alarming. Soon, global warming will completely take over Canada. It is already showing the sound impact on Vancouver.

However, with little steps, we can reverse it at a small yet good rate. Still, it needs substantial efforts from a major chunk of people. Let us now find out how climate change is affecting Vancouver.

Impact of Climate Change in Vancouver

Climate change is affecting Vancouver at a rapid rate. In the near future, its stout impact will make itself more evident. Greenhouse gas emissions are on a drastic rise. That is warming the region so much. Let us now discuss some findings from the Climate Projections Report 2019by Metro Vancouver. According to this report, the Vancouver region will witness increased temperatures. This will ultimately result in shorter winters and prolonged summers. Moreover, the summer rainfall rate will fall by 20%. This can also result in periods of droughts in the region.

On the other hand, the rainfall in winters will increase by 5%. Both of these effects will lead to increased and extreme precipitation in the region. In addition, the snowpack of the Vancouver region will decrease by 50%.

Now, if we talk about North Vancouver, things are bad too. According to Climate Adaption by the City of North Vancouver, inundation and floods will occur in the coastal creek. Further, all the mentioned concerns will also cause safety and health issues among the population. These issues comprise UV radiation, cold stress, respiratory problems, downed power connections/lines, storm debris, and land sliding. This will all turn into a big crisis for the region. It will directly affect the generations to come, as well.

That is why; we must take action before it is too late. Well, we have a viable solution or remedy in this regard. It is to care for and plant new trees. Let us see how trees can help to combat climate change in Vancouver.

Combating Climate Change in Vancouver with Trees

Trees can help us combat the detrimental effects of climate change to a certain level. They have been our saviours for centuries. We need to revive their essence back. Do you know that in the streets of Vancouver, there are over 140,000 trees? Together, we can increase this number and care for the existing ones by professional tree care services. After all, trees are the most influential weapon we have to tackle climate change.

Trees have the innate ability to get the carbon in from the atmosphere. In return, they release fresh oxygen into the atmosphere. At an average rate, a tree releases more than 260 pounds of oxygen in just one year. They are quite helpful in controlling floods and mitigate pollution as well. Moreover, trees are vital for regulating and balancing temperature in a city. This tells us that trees are crucial to deal with climate change in Vancouver.

The Takeaway: We need to care for Trees!

We need to plant more trees. More importantly, we need to take good care of the existing trees in Vancouver. If you have trees near your house, make sure you care for them. You can now connect with certified arborist services in Vancouver, such as the Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Service. In this way, you can ensure the optimal health of your trees. Moreover, these services will also enable you to devise tree care solutions for effective tree care. In addition, get your trees regular maintenance.

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