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Most Effective Tactics to Save Your Trees In Winters

Winter season is considered to be hard for trees and plants. In winter the trees and plants need special care. It is suggested that to take the help of the arborist before the arrival of the winter. Extreme temperature creates many problems for trees and plants. Sometimes an extreme cold can destroy your trees and plants. It is impossible to protect your plants and trees from the harsh weather, but you can take precautions to save your trees in this season. Some of the important tips are described below.


A decrease in temperature can damage the roots, so it is important to insulate the roots of the trees before the arrival of the winter. If you have the knowledge about the trees and plants, then you can easily mulch the tree according to their requirement for the winters. But if you don’t have any knowledge about the trees, then you must hire the professional tree service providers. They know how to keep the tree warm in the cold season. The correct amount of mulching will keep your tree warms in hard weather.


The young tree, with the age of two years or less, can be easily drought.  If your trees have been suffered from the attack of the insects or pesticides before the arrival of the winter, then there is the chance that they will also suffer from the winter drought. Just before the beginning of the winters, it is suggested that to water your trees. You must ensure that each tree will receive a certain amount of water. Or you can take help from the tree service providers because they know the exact quantity of the water that each type of tree required.

Heavy Snowfall:

In winters, the snowfall is unpredictable; the trees with the number of the stem have the more chance of fall due to heavy snow. When the snow freezes on the trees, they will fall apart. Try to remove the snow from the trees to save them from falling. Removing snow from the trees is a very difficult task. The professional tree services provider has the machines and equipment so that they will remove the snow after the snowfall.

Weak Branches:

Pruning and trimming are necessary for the healthy growth of the trees. Before the arrival of the winter, make sure you have removed the weak branches of the trees. You can hire the arborist to cable the branches; this saves them from falling in the winter season. Excess of cold can make the branches weak, which results in falling. This saves your trees and even your house and family also. Falling branches can cause serious injuries or can damage your house.

If you want to keep your tree safe in winters, then hire Vancouver tree service (Aesthetic Tree &Hedge Services). We have a special team of professionals who know how to keep your trees protect in the winters. We have the latest tools for trimming and pruning.




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