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Signs You Need To Remove a Tree!

Indeed, trees enhance the beauty of your property in addition to conserving energy, producing oxygen, and providing habitats for insects, birds, and animals! But there are a few signs that ring alarming bells when removing a tree becomes a necessity. Let’s debunk a few sings that reflect an immediate need to remove your tree:

Signs of decay or disease

A diseased tree is an unhealthy one that is susceptible to many infections and pests. In addition to diminishing the curb appeal of your property, diseased trees can also be damaging for your property as it causes the structure to become unstable. A diseased or decay tree can have a negative impact on the aesthetic appeal and landscaping of your home.

The dead tree

A dead tree needs to be removed when it no longer serves any benefits such as water retention, aesthetic appeal, and shade. Also, the structural integrity of a dead tree is compromised, which poses high risks of danger for your family or property.

Risk of infestation

If your tree is infected or diseased and will die eventually, you need to remove it as soon as possible. This is because the infected tree can pose the risk of infestation that can spread to other trees in your yard.

Storm damage

Sometimes, the high winds or storms can cause considerable damage to your trees. These severe damages can result in root failure, blow-over or crown twist, etc. Such injuries can be irreparable and can be highly risky for your property.

Leaning trees

People often don’t notice the precarious leaning of a tree over some other place until branches start falling from it. However, the leaning tree needs to be removed immediately as these can be very dangerous for your property and family too.

Cracks in the main trunk

When the main trunk of the tree is too damaged to repair, or there are visible cracks in it, the tree has to be removed before the situation worsens. The cracks in the main trunk can separate the tree in two halves by running through the stem. These cracks can pose a high risk to your property, especially during high winds, and leads to the tree’s risk to failure. These cracks, when combined with decay, can be extremely hazardous.

Decay inside the tree

Internal decay can be the root cause of many other structural problems that include falling tree limbs, the spread of infections and disease, etc. In such severe cases, the tree has to be removed to prevent any further decay.

A problematic shedder

Your tree can become a source of unwanted sap, needles, seeds, leaves, and branches. This unwanted debris can be problematic, particularly for sensitive areas like solar panels and carports, etc. For instance, the sap that falls on the car can cause mildews to grow and can also ruin the paint on the car.

Whether a tree needs to be removed or not, needs some professional services because you cannot tell that by yourself just by looking at it. Hiring a professional tree service is highly recommended to do the job safely and inspect your trees in the best way possible. If any of the signs discussed above apply to you, Aesthetic Tree and Hedge services can help with the utmost perfection. The North Vancouver tree removal services have experienced staff, and you can contact their professional arborists before making the decision.

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