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Two people were killed when a tree collapsed on their house in West Vancouver

An unfortunate event took place on January 2, 2022. Two people lost their lives when a massive tree fell into their Horseshoe Bay home in West Vancouver during gusts of winds. This traumatic incident occurred on Saturday night before 1:30 a.m. in the 6200 block of Wellington Avenue.

When officers arrived on the scene, they discovered B.C. hydro wires that had toppled and gas lines that had ruptured due to the uprooted tree. West Vancouver police confirmed that a man in his 60s and a woman in her 50s were found dead inside their house by the rescue team. They were identified by the West Vancouver Minor Hockey Association as Mike Sharp and his wife, Caroline Helbig. Mike was a former junior hockey player, and his wife was a great writer.

Time passes, but the residents of Vancouver are still in deep sorrow due to this devastating loss. The local hockey community is in mourning over the passing of a well-known couple. Neighborhood are still in a saddening situation.

Mike and his wife will always be remembered for their good deeds toward society. Our thoughts and deepest sympathy are also with the family and friends of the deceased. They had sacrificed their lives just because of the ailing or dead tree. This terrible incident left a great scare for the people who love to grow trees on their property.

How to prevent becoming a victim of this terrible event.

We, as a team of experienced and qualified arborists, suggest you continue maintenance of your trees to save you from this tragic loss. Trees should be checked on regular basis if they have uprooted branches, weakened stems, damaged trunk tissues, especially old and larger ones, and mushrooms that begin growing on or underneath your tree pose more danger. It is recommended to have a tree on your property inspected during quieter seasons, such as summer, when wind storms are less frequent.

There are still other solutions available to you, such as hiring a pro to prune your trees uniformly. Check the surrounding area around your house for any signs of deterioration or illness. If your house is covered with lots of trees, you should hire risk assessors or experienced arborists to help you find out how much danger the trees pose.

Please consider scheduling tree care at least once or twice a year. because it may put your life or the lives of those you love in danger.

Warning signs that a tree might fall.

  • Tree might have rotten roots, it is unable to nourish leaves and branches
  • Leaves look missing near the trunk of tree
  • You have fungal growth on your tree
  • Deep cracks in the bark, makes trunk weaker and it becomes harder for the tree stable longer
  • Trunk of the tree is bending down
  • One indication that your tree might be in trouble is soft patches in the trunk or limbs

It is clearly a red flag that the tree is weakening and may fall soon if you notice a sharp lean starting to form. If a severe storm causes the tree to tilt unexpectedly, this should raise particular alarm. If you notice these signs, immediately call an arborist or tree inspect service. They would be a savage for your trees.

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