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The Importance of Removing A Storm-damaged Tree

Trees are blessings in disguise. They are human and envir

Saving trees is important but saving a life is far greater than that.

In a place like Vancouver, it’s rare to have epic thunderstorms. However, it’s also true that a windstorm or hurricane can strike the city at any time. Therefore, the residents should be armed with all possible safety measures to protect themselves and their fellow beings.

A falling tree, a leaning tree that may soon collapse, or branches or limbs hanging over the property or the roadside are all ordinary sights to witness in every part of the country after a thunderstorm. Not to mention, these are alarming situations to which immediate reaction should come from the responsible authorities. However, if these are the property trees, the landowners should be vigilant enough to take the right decision on time.

Threats Pose To The Trees Under Such Circumstances

Could you imagine what would happen to an area crowded with a large number of trees after a thunderstorm passed?

Indeed, powerful thunderstorms can ruthlessly affect the trees, whether on roadsides or the property.

For better understanding, we have divided it into two categories.

Mild to Moderate Intensity Storm

If the storm is of mild to moderate intensity, the tree damage will occur to the extent that you may experience hanging or broken limbs, shredding bark, cracks in the trunk, and excessive loss of leaves.

Severe Intensity Storm

A tree may be entirely uprooted with its roots pulled out of the soil, or it may fall or lean-to such an extent that it can fall anytime are the consequences of severe storm damage.

Why Cleanup Is Necessary After A Thunderstorm?

Certainly, there are chances of severe injuries or, in some cases, casualties if the storm was of massive intensity. Yes, it depends on the intensity of the storm, what the outcomes will be and how you are going to tackle them.

Again, there are two types of damage that may occur as a result of storm-damaged trees.

  • Damage to the property
  • Injury or death of a person

Since you know what happens to the trees after thunderstorms, you can imagine how worse it can be for the property or human being found close to such trees soon after the storm strikes. Therefore, it’s always thoughtful to take measures to avoid putting anything or anyone’s life at risk. Besides that, storms also have an impact on the growth of trees. Hence, aftercare is mandatory for this purpose also.

What Are The Possible Solutions?

When a storm hits a tree, depending on its condition, you can opt for the following two solutions:

✓ Remove the tree completely

✓ Go for pruning to repair and revitalize it

If only a few limbs have been broken or are hanging, pruning can be an ideal option. However, if a tree is entirely leaning or about to fall off with the second storm, it should be immediately removed.

The Takeaway

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